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General Services For Construction, Heavy Duty And Mining Fleets

When it comes to maintaining a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, construction, mining, or farming equipment, time is money. Wallace Mobile Diesel in Dallas - Fort Worth is the preferred provider of maintenance and repair services for heavy-duty trucks and equipment fleets. From in-cab climate control to diesel engine repairs, we offer local, regional, and cross-country services.

Cost Management
If cost management is a concern, Wallace Mobile Diesel in Dallas - Fort Worth can assist you in managing maintenance costs through our intelligent diagnostic services. We will collaborate with you to reduce costs and maximize the performance and uptime of your heavy duty equipment.

Mobile Services
Need assistance onsite? You can rely on our dependable, highly responsive, customer-service focused team to help. Our repair shop can provide a readily deployable mobile service for in-field repairs or maintenance for your convenience.

Parts Inventory
Whether it's "Off" or "On" highway construction vehicles, including heavy-grade excavators, dump trucks, or commercial mining equipment, we specialize in servicing the vehicles and equipment you rely on. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of parts to minimize any potential downtime.

With properly tracked and scheduled planned maintenance, Wallace Mobile Diesel keeps your fleet on the move. But, if any part of your fleet goes down, never worry, Wallace Mobile Diesel will get it back up and running fast and affordably with our mobile response team, cost reduction controls, and a large inventory of parts. Call us today at 800-771-4703!


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