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Excavating and Mining Vehicle and Equipment Repairs

Wallace Mobile Diesel, located in Dallas - Fort Worth, has [YEARS] of experience repairing heavy duty mining equipment, earthmovers and more including:

  • Mine excavators
  • Compact excavators and crawler carriers
  • Portable concrete batch plants for on-site production
  • Construction and mining tractors, trucks, cranes and cure rigs
  • Dragline excavators
  • Dredging equipment
  • Drilling machines
  • Wheel excavators
  • Bagger or digger excavators
  • Feller bunchers

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Wallace Mobile Diesel's mining and excavating equipment repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy duty machines used in earth moving and construction. Earth movers, engineering vehicles and construction equipment commonly require maintenance and repair for traction, hydraulics, power train and climate control systems. We help owners and operators keep everything from aerial work platforms to backhoes and backhoe loaders on the job site and working at full capacity.

When possible, Wallace Mobile Diesel will tow and transport non-working vehicles from the jobsite and transport them to our full-service repair shops.

More Popular Repair Services

  • Lift table hydraulic unit repair
  • Air track repair and maintenance
  • Agricultural tractor maintenance
  • Articulated truck and hauler repair
  • Asphalt plant and paver repair
  • Boom truck repair and maintenance
  • Bulldozer engine and hydraulic repair
  • Cherry picker repair
  • Cold planer repair
  • Welding and part fabrication
  • Gearbox repair
  • Hydraulic, hydrostatic, and vacuum component repair
  • Engine and cylinder repair
  • Drivetrain, clutch and transmission repair
  • Full brake repair and services

Custom Replacement Parts

Our welders and fabricators are here for you! Wallace Mobile Diesel is fully equipped to service trucks carrying welding machines, compressors and cranes capable of lifting 6,000 lb that may require customer replacement parts. Call us today at 800-771-4703.


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